Startup Bazaar DC 2024

  • April 20, 2024
  •  University of Maryland, College Park

Startup Bazaar Unveiling the Treasures of Entrepreneurship

Startup Bazaar DC is the first of a series of startup events held in partnership with universities nationwide. Its target audiences include early-stage entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, and MBA students.

The Startup Bazaar series promises to offer a unique opportunity for founders to connect, learn, and glean insights from accomplished industry leaders who have achieved remarkable success through entrepreneurship. Our speakers include seasoned venture capitalists, esteemed fund managers, prominent industry influencers, visionary CEOs, and accomplished executives representing diverse companies.

Our Speakers
Event Participants

Startup Bazaar Speakers

Marc Steren

Co-CEO, University Startups

Salil Sankaran

President, Ampcus

Dr. Newton Howard

Founder, ni2o, Inc

Juhi Naithani

Principal, bGlobal Consulting

Ada Sulejmanovic

Global Alliant Inc

Salim Shah

Founder and CEO, Sarfez

Bill Yarnoff

Cofounder, ACEL 360

Sanjay Puri

Founder, AutoNebula

Asif Mooppan

President, AM Technologies

Rohit Bhayana

Founder InfoCepts

Chiranth Nataraj

Founder, Visitor Guard

Emrah Dilsizoglu

Founder, Value Mortgage

Hina Mehta

Director, VIPC

Venky Raghavendra

Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropic Advisor

Dr. Tanishq Abraham

Founder and CEO, MedARC

Habib Nasibdar

Founder and CEO, Mindcubed

Experience the dynamic energy of entrepreneurship

Startup Bazaar offers a vibrant platform where startup founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and early-stage innovators can engage with industry leaders who have forged remarkable success in the entrepreneurial landscape. Join us to gain invaluable insights, network with seasoned professionals, and ignite your entrepreneurial journey.

Startup Bazaar DC has a jam-packed schedule with stellar speakers and sessions!

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Startup Bazaar DC: Schedule

Date: April 20, 2024 Venue: Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

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