Sanjay Puri

Founder, AutoNebula

Sanjay is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of founding multiple companies and achieving successful exits. He is the Founder & Chairman of AutoNebula, an investment firm specializing in connected transport startups that foster collaboration between the United States and India, the Co-Founder of ACEL360, a prominent accelerator dedicated to enhancing the growth and enterprise value of small and mid-sized Federal contractors.

Beyond his business ventures, Sanjay is a popular host, leading conversations on two popular podcasts. In the "Indianness Podcast," he delves into insightful discussions with high-performing Indians and Indian Americans. In "Regulating AI," Sanjay tackles complex questions surrounding the regulation of artificial intelligence, engaging with world leaders to explore strategies that balance innovation and regulatory oversight effectively.

Sanjay is also the founder of USINPAC, an influential organization dedicated to advancing the interests of the Indian American community.

12.30 pm - 01.00 pm FIRESIDE CHAT: Presented by eHealthObjects

Saturday April 20, 2024

Finding the right kind of incubators and accelerators


Juhi Naithani

Sanjay Puri, a tech leader and entrepreneur, will guide startup founders on how to identify the ideal incubator or accelerator program for their venture. Topics that will be covered include understanding the difference between incubators and accelerators, identifying needs of your startup, researching potential programs and maximizing program benefits