Marc Steren

Co-CEO, University Startups

Marc Steren is an experienced Founder, CEO, mentor, and coach with a demonstrated history of working with organizations. He is skilled in Leadership, Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Customer Development, Lean Methodology, Life Coach and Author. A strong entrepreneurship professional, Marc graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Law and Johns Hopkins University. Currently, he is enrolled at Harvard University Extension School working toward a master's In Industrial-Organizational Psychology

10.00 am - 10.55 am PANEL: Presented by Visitor Guard

Saturday April 20, 2024

PANEL: Raising capital from angels, family-friends networks and VCs

Hina Mehta

Marc Steren
Sahil Rahman
Ramesh Mahal
The panel discussion featuring experts in startup financing and startup founders who have raised capital will discuss strategies for raising capital from angels, family/friends’ networks, and venture capitalists (VCs). You’ll hear from experienced investors and successful founders who have navigated the fundraising landscape firsthand. Topics covered will include angel investing, family/friends’ networks, venture capital, and navigating the fundraising journey.