Mahesh P. Joshi

Dean, Hood College

Mahesh P. Joshi, is the Dean & Professor at Delaplaine School of Business, Hood College in Frederick, MD, and fonder of Joshi International, Inc., a strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship consulting. Prior to joining Hood College, Dr. Joshi was an Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, School of Business - George Mason University.

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Saturday April 20, 2024

Secret sauce for success: A conversation with Salil Sankaran

Dr. Mahesh P. Joshi

Salil Sankaran, the President of Ampcus, has a proven track record of driving revenue growth, with expertise in mergers and acquisitions and business development. Entrusted with the task of guiding Ampcus as it expands to address evolving market demands, Sankaran has helped expand the company's footprints across Federal, State, Local, and commercial markets. Join Sankaran as he shares insights from his entrepreneurial journey, offering invaluable perspectives on navigating dynamic business landscapes and sustaining organizational excellence.