Startup Bazaar DC: Schedule and agenda

Date: April 20, 2024
Venue: Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

09:30 am to 10:00 am: Registration

  • 10.00 – 10.45 AM
    Registering Your Business Entity
    The workshop is designed to guide early-stage entrepreneurs through the process of registering their business entity. You’ll gain clarity on the various corporate structures available, including LLCs, S-Corps, C-Corps, and more. Led by legal experts specializing in startup formation, this workshop will cover essential topics such as understanding entity types, choosing the right structure, navigating the registration process, legal and financial implications etc.

  • 10:00 – 10:45 AM
    Doing Payroll and Accounting 101 
    The attendees will gain invaluable insights and practical tips to effectively manage your finances and ensure compliance with regulations. Led by experienced professionals, this workshop will cover essential topics including payroll basics, accounting essentials, tax preparation strategies and various tools and resources that will help automate routine tasks and improve efficiency.

  • 10:45 – 11.40 AM
    Raising Capital from Angels, Family/Friends’ Networks, and VCs
    The panel discussion featuring experts in startup financing and startup founders who have raised capital will discuss strategies for raising capital from angels, family/friends’ networks, and venture capitalists (VCs). You’ll hear from experienced investors and successful founders who have navigated the fundraising landscape firsthand. Topics covered will include angel investing, family/friends’ networks, venture capital, and navigating the fundraising journey.
    Rokas Beresniovas, Senior Director, Green Banks
    Marc Stern, Co-CEO, University Startups
    Ramesh Mahalingam, former CFO, Sodexo
    Rahul Vinod, Cofounder, RASA

  • 11:40 AM – 12.35 PM
    Launching a Startup with Low Capital and Bootstrapping
    The panel, featuring seasoned founders who have successfully launched and scaled their startups with minimal capital and a bootstrapping mindset, will discuss firsthand accounts and practical advice on bootstrapping strategies, lean startup principles and alternative funding sources.
    Venky Raghavendra, Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropic Advisor
    Salil Sankaran, President, Ampcus
    Ravi Puli, CEO, ISG
    Asif Mooppan, President, AM Technologies
    Chiranth Nataraj, Founder, Visitor Guard

  • 12:35 – 01:05 PM
    Networking Lunch

  • 01:10 – 1:30 PM
    Finding the Right Kind of Incubators and Accelerators
    The panel will guide startup founders on how to identify the ideal incubator or accelerator program for their venture. Topics that will be covered include understanding the difference between incubators and accelerators, identifying needs of your startup, researching potential programs and maximizing program benefits
    Juhi Naithani – Principal – bGlobal Consulting
    Panelist: Sanjay Puri, Founder, AutoNebula

  • 01:30 – 02:25 PM
    GovCon 101: Navigating Government Contracting Opportunities
    Are you a startup founder interested in exploring opportunities in government contracting but unsure where to start? You’ll gain valuable insights on from this panel on understanding government contracting, federal vs. state contracts, securing government contracts, and compliance and regulations.
    Rajan Natarajan, Founder & CEO, Global Alliant Inc
    Bill Yarnoff, Cofounder, ACEL 360

  • 02:25 – 03:20 PM
    Secrets of Success: Insights from Winning Startup Founders
    The panel will feature successful startup founders who have navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship and emerged victorious. Gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies as these seasoned entrepreneurs share their winning tactics for running successful startups. They will talk about key strategies for success, navigating challenges, building a winning team and adapting to change.
    Dr. Mahesh P. Joshi, Dean, Hood College
    Dr. Salim Shah, Founder and CEO, Sarfez
    Sanjay Mittal, CEO, eHealthObjects